Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Owl Crochet Pattern

I have been looking for an owl cable pattern for quite a while. They are easy to find for knitting...

Check this out:
 It is neat!

But unfortunately I don't knit very well. So I wanted to find one for crothet.

They are out there, if you look hard, but somehow I didn't really like what I found. So I set out to make my own pattern, and I have published it below.

Owl pattern

- in dc circles from top down (8 stitches wide, 9 rows)


ch: chain stitch
dc: double crochet
tr: treble crochet
fpdc: front post double crochet
fptr: front post treble crochet
fpdc-dec: yarn over, pull up loop from front post in first stitch, pull up loop from front post in second stitch, yarn over, and pull through three loops, yarn over and pull through the remaining 2 loops


Row 1: 8 dc (this will be a part of the pattern, as you use the front posts in next row)

Row 2: Skip 2, 2 tr, reach in front of the trebles and fptr in each of the 2 you skipped, skip 2, 2 fptr, reach behind the trebles and tr in each of the 2 you skipped

Row 3: fpdc, 2 dc, 2 fpdc, 2 dc, fpdc (repeat this row once for large eyed owl - the one on the left)

Row 4: skip 2, tr, fptr, reach in front of the trebles and fptr in the first you skipped, tr in the second, skip 2, tr, fptr, reach behind the trebles and fptr in first you skipped, tr in second
(This row is terribly difficult I'm afraid. But you can do it, I know you can!)

Row 5: 2 fpdc, dc, fpdc-dec, dc, 2 fpdc

Row 6: 2 fpdc, dc, 2 dc in same, dc, 2 fpdc

Row 7: 2 fpdc, 4 dc, 2 fpdc

Row 8: skip 2, 2 tr, reach in front of the trebles and fptr in each of the 2 you skipped, skip 2, 2 fptr, reach behind the trebles and tr in each of the 2 you skipped

Row 9: 2 dc, fpdc, 2 dc, fpdc, 2 dc

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fingerless Mittens

Today I made these fingerless mittens. They are great for typing on the keyboard, crocheting etc.

They are long sleeved but can be buttoned up, if you're wearing a jacket or just like the look better.

It is my own pattern, but you are welcome to try it out - please refer to my blog, if you use it!

Fingerless Mittens Pattern

(I used Alpaca Yarn and a 3 mm needle)
It is the same pattern for both mittens except step 8, which defines where the thumb is going to be relative to the button hole.

The rib:

1. Make a single crochet base chain with 30 single crochet (SC).
2. Crochet 32 rows of SC in the back loop only (this will make it elastic and makes the ribbing effect). with 2 slip stitches (SS) to stand for the first SC in each row.
3. Fold the first and the last row together.
4. 3 SC through both rows, 5 SC in last row only (skip 5 SC in first row), 22 SC through both rows (The skipped SC's makes the button hole. If you don't want it, just SC all the way).

The palm:

5. Make a slip stitch (SS).
6. SC around the wrist - 1 SC per row = 34 SC.
7. Do 2 more rows of SC in circles - be sure to mark the first SC in each row, so you can count them. (In my mitts the rib does not stop at the wrist but makes up part of the hand. If you don't like this - make more rows here until you reach the base of the thumb).

The fingers:

8. 16 SC, 4 SS, skip 8 SC, 10 SC (for the right hand mitten - 10 SC, 4 SS, skip 8 SC, 16 SC for the left mitten).
9. 7 rows of 30 SC in circles.
10. Fasten off (Be sure to use the invisible fasten off, if you don't want the border).


11. Tread the needle again and do 16 SC around the hole, we left for the thumb earlier (one in each SS (4), One in each SC (8) and 2 in each corner between the SS and SC).
12. 4 more rows of SC in circles.
13. Fasten off.


14. Make a border with yarn in a matching colour *SC DC SC in first SC, skip one SC* - Continue like that around the edge.
15. Sew on buttons. (I did crochet mine, but I am not very proud of those, so look for a button tutorial somewhere else please).

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The finished Chicken Barn

So here is the finished chicken coop. I am very proud of it.

The chickens seems to like it too. We have 2 black forrest hens, 2 Arucana hens and an Arucana rooster. He is the one on the left. Funny fellow with no rump...

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Chicken Coop - Day 6

Brian finished the roof today, and I began painting the outside of the coop red.

When looked at from afar it really does look like a barn now – doesn't it?

Details (like the door) is still missing, but you can really see it coming together now.

Here's what it looked like from the back, before the last piece of roof was added. The whole backside of the coop can be detached for easy cleaning of the coop.
It took Brian most of the day to finish the roof, but he got to use a new tool, he bought yesterday, so I think he enjoyed himself.

Our whole lawn is covered in sawdust now...

I apologize for the crazy use of fonts here. Blogger really doesn't want to cooperate with me today... 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chicken Coop - Day 5

Today Brian Did a lot of the roof, and we placed the chicken coop in the back of our garden.

 The chickens are going to have the best view.
I couldn't help admiring our work in the late sunlight.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chicken Coop - Day 4

Brian finished the main construction.
I painted the wall boards we had so far, with the base coat, and Brian cut some more.
It is beginning to look like a barn, don't you think?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicken Coop - Day 3

It's monday, so we only had the evening. Still Brian started cutting the wall boards.
Here he is - admiring his work. Liva sneaked into the picture as well...